Speedway Motors : Rebrand

The Challenge:

When we started this project, we quickly realized that after 60 years of selling high-quality automotive parts and racing products, Speedway knew what was under the hood of almost every car ever made. But they didn’t have a clear idea of who their customers really were. Spoiler alert: Not all gear heads are the same.

Speedway before after brand


Through interviews, surveys, competitor analyses and demographic studies, Big uncovered everything we could about Speedway, focusing especially on the people who were buying from them. We found out the customer base straddled many groups and so set out to target them in the most effective way possible. The strategy we pinpointed categorized customers from a psychographic perspective—taking their values, motivators and common questions into account. From there, we identified seven customer personas.


Our new personas guided the creative. Instead of talking to a “Chevy Camaro” owner—like the site used to—we were now talking to a “nostalgic racer,” “street rod enthusiast” or “classic beginner.” That framing allowed us to hone our graphics, messaging and tone for each primary targeted audience while staying true to the brand.


Once we knew who Speedway was speaking to, we could craft their story in a way that would really appeal to their customers. To cap off the relaunch, we put together a video that captured Speedway’s history and gave an emotional connection to the brand. The tune-up was just what was needed to create a smooth-running machine.

Speedway brochure banner

The Results:

Speedway icons grid