Meet the people with
the good parking spaces.

Every member of the BIG leadership team leads by example, reflecting our commitment to “Love God. Love people. Love branding.” While that can look different from person to person, it all boils down to listening well, responding sincerely and being a genuinely decent human being.

Chad stuckey alt Chad stuckey new
Chad Stuckey
Experienced wrangler with dead-eyed creative accuracy.

Since 1995, Chad has helped hundreds of companies and organizations corral complex challenges into organized strategic steps – establishing them as leaders in their markets. He has also put his leadership skills to work outside of Big, serving on the boards of his church and Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic. It’s no surprise that Chad likes to unwind by watching westerns, target shooting and visiting Colorado’s Lost Valley Ranch. 

Christina egts alt Christina egts 2x
Vice President
Christina Egts
Fierce competitor with contagious positivity.

Christina's “play to win” attitude inspires every member of the big team to “bring it” for our clients, every day. As the driving force behind Big’s day-to-day operations, she keeps things running smoothly with honesty, grit and an unbeatable “can-do” spirit. No challenge is too big for Christina, and she has endured more than her fair share of Tough Mudder races. She’ll even take on Mother Nature, exploring the great outdoors with her own family, as well as her 20-person, five RV “camping family.”

Ben gregory alt Ben gregory 2x
VP of Strategy
Ben Gregory
Master strategist with a statistical obsession.

Armed with an MBA, Ben has spent the last two decades helping multi-billion-dollar companies at home and around the world to develop their unique brand messaging strategy and effectively deploy that brand to dominate their market. When he’s not crunching numbers, Ben serves on the board of The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, samples the latest local eatery with his wife and son and channels his fevered passion for English National Soccer into a lively defense of the 3-1-4-2 formation.

Andy Barnes alt Andy barnes 2x
Digital Director
Andy Barnes
Coding genius with a flair for design.

Andy started his career with a degree in graphic design and immediately added two decades of self-taught front-end web development and video editing experience. Now his jack-of-all-trades abilities and “adapt and overcome” approach make him a Big deal when it comes to web, video, digital advertising and social media. Andy also handles Daily Pun duties at the office and will regularly tell anyone what they’re missing if they don’t like hockey.

Mike gerber alt Mike gerber 2x
Director of IT and Innovation
Mike Gerber
Rugged, outdoorsy-type with a techy touch.

Mike relies on more than 32 years as a team leader, entrepreneur and tech explorer to manage BIG’s IT systems, tackle special research projects or keep an eye on what AI is up to. If it can be done faster, better, or just cooler, Mike will find the tech to make it happen. After hours, Mike slips out of his ”work flannel” into a more comfortable flannel so he can spend time landscaping, chopping wood for the fireplace and enjoying low-tech wonder of the great outdoors.

Bob gager 2x Bob gager 2x
Account Director
Bob Gager
Mindful guru with a taste for adventure.

Bob discovered two passions in middle school: Dungeons & Dragons and exploring the power of the human mind. Today, Bob’s understanding of how the mind works makes him the consummate accounts professional. His “mindful meditation” enables him to quickly connect with his clients’ thoughts and feelings, and his active imagination to explore possibilities and solutions that help clients find their way to success. And yes, Bob still plays D&D weekly with his high school buddies.