Amplify : New Brand

The Challenge:

We were tasked to look for a way to grow Brookside Labs, a soil and agricultural testing facility. The independent consultants who used Brookside loved it and were advocates for it, but their reach was limited.

Amplify marketing materials


Since Brookside didn’t have a problem with brand loyalty, they needed to put their efforts somewhere else. Our research showed us the way to expand was to not only attract more consultants to Brookside, but more people into the field itself.


Instead of rebranding Brookside, we developed a new brand for them—Amplify—that enveloped their existing consultancy group. There was already built-in value there and it just took us separating it from the lab and putting it in its own context to give the group the weight it needed to market itself.


We built an entire brand package for Amplify and then launched it at the consultants’ annual conference. A true identity for the group was what they were all craving, and they were delighted to receive branded materials they could use for their own businesses that carried the distinction of the Amplify name.

Amplify customer experience box

The Results:

Amplify website

Working with Big was a very smooth and seamless process. They did a fantastic job collecting the correct data to build our brand. They have a gifted staff that will take your organization to a higher level.

Greg Kneubuhler, Board Member, Brookside Labs