American Specialty : Rebrand

The Challenge:

The adage is, “give the client what they want.” But at Big we feel it serves everyone better if we tell the client what they need. In American Specialty’s case, they simply asked for help with an ad campaign. But they got much more.

American specialty brand and website


Once we dug into their brand, we saw an opportunity to make this sports and entertainment insurance company stand out from the crowd by highlighting their brand attributes in messaging.


While the insurance industry in general may seem stuffy and stodgy, American Specialty’s focus on sports and entertainment allowed for an entirely different feel. With the logo refresh and imagery, we made sure the adrenaline-pumping vibe of those they insure came through.


From brochures to website redesign to branded marketing materials, employees and insurance agents truly felt the truth behind the tagline we created for American Specialty—“What special feels like.” In fact, that phrase became a rallying cry for inside the company. Everything they did got put to the test, “Is this what special feels like?”

American specialty express bifold

The Results:

American specialty brand guide

The brand research and development work we did with Big was intensive, but well worth every hour that we invested. Our new brand gives us something to live up to every day.

Brandon Schall, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.