Regal Rexnord : Rebrand


Regal Rexnord, a $4 billion-plus company, was born from the merger of two powerhouses in the motor and motion control industry, Regal Beloit and Rexnord PMC. After working with Big for years, Regal trusted us to handle this confidential transition. We crafted a new identity that combined the best of both into something even better. As this was such a high profile, high stakes project, we worked hard to make sure even the smallest details were created with care.

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Big had to figure out how to represent two great companies in a way that represented both of their strengths. Before we made a mood board, we did extensive research on their competitors to make sure the new brand stood out in the motor and motion-control industry.


Intricate projects like this one take patience from all sides. A lot of brainstorming and pro/con lists went into each element. Big pitched several rounds of logos and even helped create a potential long-term plan for their brand. We made sure the optimal amount of time and consideration went into each step. The new visual identity and messaging needed to convey that even with a new name, customers could expect the same high-quality brands and products that they were used to from both individual companies, plus new technological advancements.


Big took a complicated merger and developed an easy-to-use, cohesive branding strategy for Regal Rexnord. We gave them a comprehensive identity that included brand messaging, architecture plans, name options, literature templates and visuals. Finally, we gave them the tools and materials they needed to make internal training videos, press releases and a launch video for their reveal. Ultimately, it was Regal Rexnord’s trust in our abilities that opened the door for us to provide such a large-scale and important rebrand.

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The Results:

The team at Big took a structured, process-oriented approach and carefully walked us through the rebranding journey in a very collaborative way. The final results have been very well received with lots of positive feedback from our associates, customers and distribution partners.

Ian Rubin, Global Marketing Director, Regal Rexnord