Aqua Blast : Rebrand


Aqua Blast builds fully customized, professional-grade pressure washing systems that help the hardest-working farmers, factories and municipalities work smarter. Their no-frills, straightforward systems are both accessible and effortless to maintain for the everyday consumer, which sets them above their competitors. When Aqua Blast came to Big, their branding didn’t reflect their quality. We helped them stand out and make a statement, with a look and messaging that packed a powerful punch—just like their products.

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Branding is easier when you start with research. And when we started asking people about Aqua Blast, “easy” was a word we heard a lot. Customers raved about how easy it was to work with Aqua Blast and how easy it was to use and maintain their products. Employees emphasized the down-to-earth, easygoing spirit that had helped them build and grow a loyal customer base.


Aqua Blast didn’t need to make major changes. They just needed branding tools that better communicated their strengths. Through research and time spent with the company, Big realized that Aqua Blast had never approached their advertising from the perspective of their customers. This meant the first step of their rebranding was to rebuild their mindset and tactics. The messaging needed to reflect the company’s most talked-about benefits in their own voice while still being relatable. Instead of using technical terms about PSI numbers and specs, they needed to explain why customers would be satisfied with their products in their everyday lives.


Big helped Aqua Blast show what they’re really made of. The branding reveal was presented through a video overview and employees embraced the plan with open arms. We booked a photoshoot that highlighted the practical applications of the easy-to-use pressure washers. A slew of new branding assets followed, including a color change, logo, full-length branding video, signage, t-shirts and a website still in progress. All these deliverables focused on the customer experience and why their lives would be made easier as a result of this product. This change in perspective helped us give Aqua Blast a library of brand assets that are as rugged and reliable as the products they build.

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The Results:

I want to commend you and Big for the job well done in every area. Our new logo and story, the brand launch, the products we gave away, the video shoot – everything! You guys have created and helped us in every way and we’re looking forward to watching our brand continue to grow.

Aqua Blast,