Aunt Millie's : Live Brand

Bringing Live to Life

We’ve helped Aunt Millie’s launch and refine dozens of brands for more than a decade. And in the last few years, many of their new products appeased the appetites of health-conscious consumers. The labels ran the gamut—low carb, low calorie, organic—but what tied them together was their connection to lifestyle. Before long, we realized that these individual product lines had become an unofficial family. So we brought them together under a single, unifying brand.


We like to say a brand can’t be built—it can only be discovered. This time though, the makings of a brand were hiding in plain sight. With every new product launch, Aunt Millie’s had created a label, a little positioning and a few notes about target audiences. One by one, we’d built on that, giving many of the product lines their own messaging and packaging design. The bits and pieces of a brand identity were right there on our server. But the creative elements were disorganized and scattershot.


When we laid it all out, we suddenly saw the bigger picture. These weren’t merely individual brands. They were part of a family—and they just needed some guidelines and guardrails to tie them all together. After reviewing existing assets, we crafted messaging, created detailed audience profiles, and set the tone for photography and design. Aunt Millie’s healthy lifestyle products—Live Organic, Live Light and Live CarbSmart—finally found a home together under the Live Brand.


The final brand assets came together in a Continuity Guide. We also used them to create a microsite, point-of-sale materials, social media posts and a video series. The new assets promoted the Live brand family and paved the way for future launches. By giving Aunt Millie’s most popular products a cohesive identity, we helped the company stand out in the bread aisle and capture the hearts of carb-conscious, macro-minding, calorie-counting, label-reading consumers.

Live brand group

The Results:

Live Carb Smart is the most successful launch by Aunt Millie’s, ever. Your team helped us to present a unified brand with creative and messaging for three diverging products. All are about living better and being “breads to live by”—which is a strong message and allows them to be cohesive in the marketplace. I appreciate all the work you all did for us.

Jackie Hague, Director of Marketing, Aunt Millie's Bakeries