Passage Wealth : Rebrand

Standing on their own.

As part of the Thrivent Advisor Network, a local group of financial advisors realized they had to develop their own identity. By uncovering their authentic brand, they would differentiate themselves from the competition, speak to their target audiences and gain independence from Thrivent. They’d be able to stand on their own.

Passage wealth brand guide


Whether it’s an international, established company with hundreds of millions in revenue or a hometown startup, we dignify all our clients by giving them the same approach. The key is research. We interviewed their clients, scrutinized their competitors and listened to what their employees said about the company. They came to us with a name they’d already chosen, Passage Wealth. That selection proved they had a good idea who they were, because our research showed they were financial advisors who emphasized legacy planning. A specialty of theirs was helping clients identify personal milestones and goals so they could leave wealth to causes they believed in—before and after death.


The Brand Story we crafted integrated the faith-focused approach of Passage Wealth. It tied in the idea of growth and contributing toward organizations throughout a person’s lifetime. That served as the inspiration for the new tagline: “Live your legacy.” The logo graphically captured this type of progressive giving with a doorway—or passage—avatar.


With their brand in place, we built a new website, created stationery and put together a brand guide that detailed every aspect of their corporate identity. Armed with these assets, Passage Wealth was no longer just a part of Thrivent Advisor Network. They were their own standalone brand, infused with genuine meaning and purpose.

Pw business cards

The Result:

Pw web example

Big did an awesome job helping us build out our brand and website as we made the transition to Thrivent Advisor Network. They work with businesses across the country and they have a lot of experience with financial practices. The team at Big has a great Christian perspective to marketing.

Davon Bultemeier, President, Passage Wealth Consulting