Ceramcor : Xtrema Rebrand

In Hot Water.

Ceramcor, a family owned and operated ceramic cookware company, had a one-of-a-kind product and loyal customers. But they were missing out on understanding those customers better. Big was ready to step in and help, and our first step was to uncover the truest expression of their main product brand, Xtrema.

Xtrema brand example grid


Big’s research team went to work, personally interviewing and surveying more than 850 existing and potential customers. Big identified four key target audiences and accompanying profiles that provided insight into Xtrema buyers. One important finding was that customers were concerned about potential dangers with other cookware—including chemicals. By reiterating the fact that Xtrema is 100% ceramic, we distinguished the brand as the well-informed choice for health-conscious consumers. That set them apart from the competition and elevated the messaging to a high-class feel.


Big’s creative team started with the logo. We kept a similar size and structure while updating and simplifying the design. We also created a new tagline: “Healthy, through and through,” which captured the brand’s main benefit and appeal—its pure material.


Big crafted a Brand Guide that detailed new messaging and visuals. It also included an updated story that focused on the family’s passion for their products and spoke uniquely to their target audience. A fresh palette and graphics—inspired by healthy cooking and the existing colors of Xtrema cookware— retained brand familiarity with a bold, modern flair.

Xtrema brand card

The Results:

Xtrema brand guide

It has been an exciting year for Xtrema Cookware, and I want to say ‘thank you’ to every one of you. Conversions, average order values, revenue, repeat customers and numbers of orders are up across the board. We wouldn’t be in the position we are today if it wasn’t for your talent, hard work and vision.

Patrick Bergstrom, Marketing Director, Xtrema.com