Ruoff Mortgage : Rebrand

The Challenge:

Ruoff Mortgage is a residential mortgage lender with a strong presence in the Midwest. Several decades of steady success had made them a household name. To keep pace with their growth, we set out to update and refresh their identity.



Our assessment of Ruoff Home Mortgage showed they had a portfolio of many different sub-brands that needed to be unified. We also pinpointed “approachability” as one of their strongest attributes. We wanted to make that quality come through in their branding and connect to their target audience in the same way their hands-on customer service did.


To bring the logo up-to-date and in-line with competitors, we looked for elements that already had equity among customers. Then, we determined what we could simplify. The phrase “Home Mortgage” was redundant—so we shortened it to “Ruoff Mortgage.” Shifting the color palette to just two shades of the same color also kept things clean, as did updating the typeface and refreshing the stepping stone icon.


With the redesigned logo locked in, we crafted a brand story based on extensive market research. The new voice defined the “warm and fuzzy feeling” that positioned Ruoff as a trusted guide. The tagline⁠—“Opening Doors”⁠—reflected the optimism that Ruoff instilled in its customers. And in keeping true with the brand’s core attributes, the tone of the brand story stayed down-to-earth and empathetic.

Ruoff trifold

The Results:

Ruoff hands in

The entire process took about eight months, but it was action packed—full of research, feedback and inspirational ideas on how to improve our brand presence. The culmination of the project was a beautiful brand refresh that resonates perfectly with the essence of our company. With Big, you not only get amazing deliverables, you also get an amazing team of experts.

Ashley Bumgardner, Director of Marketing, Ruoff Mortgage