Interra Credit Union : Branding Campaign

The Challenge:

As a well-known and well-liked regional financial institution, Interra Credit Union already had steady membership and bragging rights as the third-largest agricultural lender in the country. While they had a good handle on promoting products, they needed to connect with the people who used them.

Interra billboard


Our research showed that when it comes to banking, customers tend to stick with their current financial institution until something big happens. Perhaps they move to a new town, have a bad experience or need a specialized loan. With that in mind, Interra didn’t need to gain market share with a coup d’état. They just needed to position themselves as the coolest, friendliest, most approachable banking institution on the block. And when potential customers started looking for alternatives, they’d be primed to consider Interra.


Our campaign barely talked about banking. Instead, it used clever headlines and inside jokes to talk about what customers did whenever they weren’t banking. It made a genuine connection by showing that Interra understood how customers live their lives. It said, “We see you. We understand you. And when you need us, we’re right here.”


The campaign garnered grins right from the start. Billboards led the way, and even earned praises from the president of a competing institution. Print, digital, radio and Pandora ads followed, all eliciting the same smiling reception. Interra leveraged the campaign’s style and voice for two years, using it to inspire everything from social media posts to internal communication.

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