Goshen Health : New Brand

The Challenge:

Goshen Health turned to us when they decided to end their relationship with a respected, well-known research university. They needed to build from the ground up—with a new name, new identity and new look.

Goshen group


We paved the way for a smooth switch with thoughtful research—looking at demographics, the competition and industry trends. We noticed that in the community healthcare segment, the idea of “togetherness” kept emerging. One thing was clear—when the dust settled, the new Goshen Health brand needed to build trust with employees and community members.


We partnered with Goshen at every step to create a brand that was warm and friendly, yet sophisticated and credible. When it was time for the “big reveal,” we crafted two parallel marketing campaigns to introduce and celebrate the new brand—one for the staff, one for the community.


In the years since, we’ve built comprehensive, multi-media campaigns for them that have worked to increase community engagement, go head-to-head with regional competitors and generate awareness for core competencies.

Goshen Brochures

The Results:

The corporate rebranding paved the way for new positioning throughout the whole Goshen Health system. One of the first departments to benefit was the Goshen Center for Cancer Care—which saw a 10% increase in patient counts following their first Big-generated campaign.

Laptop Cancer Campaign Website

They’re incredibly professional. They work so quickly in such a sophisticated, creative manner. We’re impressed on a continual basis. I want a team like Big behind me to make sure we land where we need to.

Shannon McNett-Silcox, Director of Marketing, Goshen Health