4k brand
Upgrade to a 4K brand.

In today’s global market, consumers have more choices than ever before. So if you want your company to stand out, you need a compelling brand.

At Big, we believe effective, engaging brands aren’t created—they’re found. We’ve developed the 3D process to describe what we call Hi-Res Branding: Discover, Develop, Deliver.

Discover: The numbers don’t lie.

It’s true, data isn’t glamorous. That’s probably why it’s neglected by a lot of marketing agencies, where creatives often just want to plow into the design. But at Big, we hold back our right brain ways at this point, because this is the most crucial step in building your brand.

Instead of cursory, our research is comprehensive. We look at your company from all angles to find out what people think of it, what makes it tick and what place it has in your industry. We not only collect the data, but we thoroughly analyze it, too. Our rigorous brand assessment involves:

  • Evaluating your current graphics, communication and messaging
  • Performing in-person interviews with employees
  • Surveying customers and potential customers
  • Assessing the competitive marketplace landscape to see how your brand stands against other similar companies
  • Exploring best practices for the industry

With these insights, we gain valuable perspective that allows us to provide strategic direction. In other words, we’ve discovered your brand.

Develop: Data at Work

Unless you put it to work, data is just numbers and facts. Your research needs to impact your action. And that’s what Big does in the Develop phase.

We take all that information and create meaningful elements of your brand story. Combining effective strategy, clear messaging and original design, we produce:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Tone of Voice
  • Elevator Speech
  • Brand Architecture
  • Tagline
  • Logo

Creation with Intention

As we craft each of these, the decisions we make are never random—we always go back to the research and really think through the impact each element will have. This is vital because these components form the foundation of your brand. It’s what we’ll always reference when we’re doing something for your company, whether it’s creating an ad, writing a video script or building a website.

Delivery: Launch the Game Plan

After all this work, it’s time to see the fruits of our labor. That’s right—we’re at the Deliver stage, where you get to see your brand come to life.

Don’t break the brand—but you can bend it a bit.

A main feature of the Deliver phase is the Continuity Guide. This standards manual— crafted specifically for your company—helps you maintain a clear and consistent presentation of your brand. It ensures your brand identity is supported, no matter who’s behind it or what form it takes. At the same time, it also shows how you can be adaptable with your brand, because different projects may require some flexibility.

Let the brand live.

Additionally, we create specific tactics based on your company’s current needs. Many times this includes website development. With Big’s robust in-house digital team, we’re able to protect your brand and make sure it’s presented in the most effective way possible—which is critical since your website is the biggest representation of your brand.

Other tactics may include:

  • Radio spots
  • TV commercials
  • Print ads
  • Email campaigns
  • Printed mailers
  • Digital pay-per-click ads

The beauty of Hi-Res branding is you can now take your brand and plug it into any medium. Plus, it can be tailored to target different audiences using a wide range of budgets.

Inspired? Contact Big today to put some clear focus on your company and see what Hi-Res Branding can do for you.