Looking for Growth? First, you have to find fertile ground.

Like many clients, Brookside Labs came to us with one goal in mind: GROWTH. As one of the nation’s oldest soil testing laboratories, they had decades of experience helping farmers and agribusinesses maximize profit. Now they wanted us to help them do the same.

With our task in mind, we asked a key question—“How?” To be a Brookside customer, you had to first be an agronomic consultant. (And that’s a heckuva niche.) So to boost business, Brookside either needed to get existing consultants to increase their productivity, or recruit more consultants. The latter seemed like the best place to start.

The next question was also essential—” Why?” Why should agronomic consultants turn to Brookside? Our research revealed that while consultants had many soil labs to turn to, they were always looking for opportunities to network with their peers. Time and time again, existing customers told us what they loved most about Brookside Labs was its network of consultants and spirit of collaboration. That’s what made Brookside special. So that became our “why”—and we built a brand and campaign to promote the consultancy group, rather than the lab itself.

The new brand—Amplify— was built to fit alongside the primary Brookside Labs identity. It gave the lab’s high-tech brand attributes a high-touch, highly human voice and personality. And it established Brookside as a resource—not simply for soil testing, but also for support, camaraderie and connection.

Without realizing it, Brookside held the key to growth all along. Their consultant network existed long before we came along—we just gave it a name, a mission and a message. The tools and framework we put in place helped existing consultants in the Amplify network feel equipped, supported and empowered. And the success of Amplify gave Brookside a new, fertile path for future growth, planting seeds for future recruitment campaigns for years to come.

By Thinking Big, we helped Brookside see an opportunity hidden in plain sight. In the end, Amplify lived up to its name—for both Brookside Labs and their key customer base of consultants.

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