Consistency vs Continuity

Many organizations think that consistency is key to a successful brand. At Big, we think about it a bit differently.

Companies can invest a lot of money and time in developing a brand, so it’s natural to want to build parameters and curbs around the brand to protect it. They want to make sure it’s recognizable, and that nothing infringes on it. But these good intentions come with a downside – a brand focused on consistency can lack life and inspiration. Rigid restrictions prevent the brand from flexing or stretching based on a tactic or audience. It can become downright boring.

Continuity, however, identifies the key brand attributes – the things that make the brand truly unique. When those major identifiers are protected, the rest of the brand can move, breathe and shift to connect with the audiences through the right tactics and the right messaging.

At Big, we take what we learn from our extensive research into a brand and identify those key brand attributes. Then, we build a palette of supporting materials: messaging, voice and tone, plus graphic assets. With those tools in hand, we develop applications that will reach the right people at the right time.

That’s the idea of a living brand.

Ask yourself, “Why is it that I can often recognize a company’s ad on TV before the logo comes up on the screen?” Great brands know exactly the right tools to use to connect with unique audiences – the tone, music, colors – yet still stay true to the story being told. That’s exactly what we want to do when we create the idea of continuity – we craft an experience that gives your customers the ability to recognize your brand before the logo even appears.

When your brand focuses on continuity rather than consistency, there’s no limit to how we can tell your story. We protect the things that make you unique yet allow room to connect with your audiences through the right tactics at the right time. We create something inspirational that really brings meaning to your brand.

After all, isn’t that what a successful brand is all about?