Hi-Res Branding. It's all about your customers, not you.

One of marketing’s giants, Philip Kotler, offers a ground-breaking thought that gets to the heart of Hi-Res branding: in order to best serve a company’s interests, you have to serve a customer’s interest first. To put it bluntly, it’s not all about you.

At Big we understand this, and it guides our philosophy of branding. Rather than simply diving into a branding project after hearing what a company says is true about its brand, we take a different path. Before we can create a brand with a lasting impact, we have to understand how existing and potential customers perceive that brand.

Before deciding where to go next, you first have to know where you stand with your customers. To get there, Hi-Res branding relies on a rigorous discovery process, which is only possible because of the depth, knowledge and experience of Big’s strategy team. We use a variety of processes ranging from communication audits to competitive analytics to perform a brand assessment. We also talk to a lot of people – employees, customers, potential customers, partners, etc.

The result is that we don’t simply make up your brand, we discover it. We uncover who the customer is, how they perceive your brand, how they move through the process and what the competitive environment is. Only then can we begin to create the ideal messaging and design for your brand. This in-depth discovery process makes all the difference in the world. Needless to say, you don’t find this at most agencies.

But you need to know that Hi-Res branding is not easy. It takes time, effort and an investment. At the end of it all, you may be surprised at the insights gained through the Hi-Res process. For most of our clients, it’s an eye-opening experience that provides clear direction for where to take their brand next.

It’s always our goal to make you happy, but we don’t go through the branding process simply to tell you what you want to hear about your brand. After all, it only matters if your customers like your brand. But whether you like what you hear or not, with Hi-Res branding, you are left with a true representative of your brand, and a clear path to finding a way to the heart of your customers and branding that’s designed to make a lasting impact. That’s the magic of Hi-Res branding.