TRULAND Equipment : Name & Brand

Growing Together

When two regional John Deere dealers decided to merge their companies into one, their future looked greener than ever. But as exciting as this next step was, both leadership teams understood that along with it came the need for a new identity. An identity that must be handled with the utmost care and caution as confidentiality was paramount up until the public announcement of the merger between the two rival companies. To create this cohesive brand that must also adhere to John Deere standards, TTG Equipment and Kenn-Feld Group needed a partner they could trust—and Big was the perfect fit.

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When a company asks for a new name, visuals and messaging, it’s extremely important to make sure each solution is rooted in what makes them unique. So we began by learning as much as possible about both TTG Equipment and Kenn-Feld Group from those who know them best—employees and customers. As the merger was still entirely confidential at this stage, we conducted many blind interviews. We also took time to study up on the specific requirements the brand would need to follow as a John Deere dealer.


The more we discovered about the two companies, the more excited we became to bring their combined identity to life—mostly because we began to see that many of their values already lined up. We started crafting messaging and visuals that highlighted their shared commitment to integrity, relationships and customer success. And through lots of collaboration, we got closer and closer to the perfect solution for their new name. Additionally, our team carefully considered the best way to launch the new identity.


After contemplating a wide variety of options, TRULAND Equipment was chosen for its connection to their values, audience and product. Along with a new name, our team delivered a meaningful tagline. “Where provider means partner” is a testament to the brand’s deep devotion to their customers. The grand finale was a successful event—held here at Big and livestreamed to the rest of the world—where the company leaders announced the merger and introduced their new, comprehensive brand.

We’d never ventured into a professional rebranding process before, and we never could have pulled that off on our own. The John Deere team said they hadn’t seen the level of professionalism around the rebranding process that they’d seen with TRULAND Equipment and Big. We picked the right partner.

Jameson Ringger, CEO