Pathfinder : Rebrand


Pathfinder began with one clear mission—to support people with disabilities. But as the organization grew, its mission expanded to include helping the underserved in the area, too. While providing disability services is still a key focus for the organization, Pathfinder now offers childcare, helps homebuyers and more. With more services than ever before, it was important that each one be promoted using the same messaging and visuals—to ensure that they all stood united under one powerful brand. That’s where Big came in.

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Before Pathfinder could apply their brand elements to each and every service, it only made sense to ensure that their brand was as strong as possible. So that’s where our team started. We conducted multiple one-on-one interviews with Pathfinder employees and members of their community to find out what makes them special. On top of this research, we studied other similar organizations in the area in search of the best strategy for differentiating the Pathfinder brand from the competition.


After digging into our research, our team was able to pinpoint the current mission of Pathfinder—to help the community thrive. No matter the service being provided, the organization helps community members live “to the fullest” by supporting them “to the fullest.” We built them a brand that not only efficiently communicates that identity but can also be easily applied to each individual service.


Big found that people love Pathfinder’s caring and inclusive attitude and commitment to excellence, people and communities. We then created in-depth brand messaging, using what is true, unique and relevant about the brand to tell its story to all audiences. During our research presentation, the Pathfinder team realized the need for updated brand colors before we even communicated it. So we also developed a fresh color palette and visuals that both aligned with the messaging and helped Pathfinder stand out from its biggest competitors. With a new logo and tagline carefully crafted using our data to display the true value of Pathfinder, the brand became unstoppable.

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Brand Innovation Group set themselves apart from the pack from the moment we started seeking a rebranding partner to the final deliverable. They dared to be different, challenging the norm to present what we truly needed , even when it meant a significant departure from what we were and thought we wanted. Their innovative thinking and deep understanding of our organization has breathed new life into our brand and helped us unify our previously segmented divisions. We love the fresh identity and messaging they’ve crafted. It genuinely reflects who we are. If you’re seeking a rebrand that stands out and aligns with your essence, the Brand Innovation Group is the clear choice, offering a level of strategic insight and collaboration that distinguishes them from the rest.

Chris Kauffman, Chief Strategy Officer