3Rivers Archery : Rebrand


3Rivers Archery occupies an unusual spot in the marketplace. What began as a mom-and-pop business grew into the number-one retailer of traditional archery gear. As the biggest retailer in a niche market, they’re much bigger than any local archery shop and much more specialized than the big-box outdoor retailers. That position—along with the loyal and growing following for traditional archery—gave them a unique opportunity. They were poised to be the standard-bearer for the sport and turn 3Rivers Archery into a lifestyle brand.

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Building a lifestyle brand was a little more complicated than just giving 3Rivers Archery a new look. We needed to understand and unpack their customer base—digging deep to find out what motivates someone to pick up traditional archery, stick to it, and turn to 3Rivers Archery for products and support. And when you work with Big, the best way to do that is with a Customer Experience Map and customer personas.


Walking through the customer experience mapping process told us that 3Rivers Archery customers weren’t new to the sport. They were experienced hobbyists looking for the extra challenge that traditional archery provides. With these customers in mind, we built a brand that tapped into their deep passion, patience and perseverance. We used specialized messaging that spoke their language. And we crafted a visual identity that celebrated traditional archery, its enthusiasts, and their steadfast commitment to the sport. The tip of the spear was a refreshed logo, which reflected the company’s roots and honored the family legacy behind it all.


With a new brand identity in hand, 3Rivers Archery chose a slow but deliberate rollout. The refreshed look brought new life to their website and eventually made its way into marketing materials. Finally, we brought their brand to life in a three-day photoshoot—complete with spectacular fall scenery and a story that paid homage to the hobbyists at the heart of what they do.

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