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How to protect brand equity and still be exciting

Don’t let boredom force your creativity in the wrong direction.

In the busy world of marketing and advertising, creativity is the lifeblood that keeps the industry flowing with fresh ideas and innovative designs. However, there's a fine line between innovation and deviation. Sometimes, while trying to stand out, those closest to the marketing can stray too far from their company’s core brand, leading to a dilution of brand equity and confusion in the marketplace. This could apply to an internal marketing team, a leadership staff or even an agency focused on advertising and communications.


The Creative Conundrum

Imagine a painter who paints the same landscape every day. Over time, the painter might feel the urge to switch things up by adding new details—like a unicorn or a spaceship—just to break the monotony. Similarly, anyone constantly working with the same brand elements might feel the itch to insert their personal preferences or the latest design trends into their work.

While this might seem refreshing to them, it can be jarring for the audience. Those closest to the organization might be working with the same assets daily but the target audience interacts with these assets far less frequently. What seems repetitive to them might still be fresh and recognizable to a consumer. Significant changes can reduce the impact of marketing efforts, leading to a scenario where the brand loses its distinct voice in the cluttered marketplace.

The Branding Balancing Act

The solution? A robust brand strategy that equips the company with a comprehensive toolbox of assets. This doesn't just mean a logo, color palette and a new tagline, but a wider array of avatars, graphic styles, headlines, photography, sample copy to reference and more. This variety and opportunity for many combinations allows for creativity within set boundaries, ensuring that the brand remains recognizable while still feeling fresh.

For instance, Coca-Cola, a brand with over a century of history, has managed to stay relevant without losing its core identity. While its classic logo remains largely unchanged, the brand has experimented with bottle designs, advertising campaigns and even product variations. Yet, through all these changes, the essence of Coca-Cola remains unmistakable.

The Role of Branding Agencies

Here's where Big’s branding skills come into play. Our team, with our diverse brand portfolio, brings a fresh perspective without the risk of brand fatigue. We're like a checkpoint or a quality-control mechanism, ensuring that a brand's strategy remains on track. Our outside perspective allows us to spot "brand drift"—the gradual deviation from a brand's core identity.

Moreover, branding agencies like us have the expertise to expand a brand's toolbox without diluting its essence. We can introduce new elements that resonate with the brand's voice, giving you more room to play without crossing the boundaries. And most importantly, our creativity follows well-researched strategies that will engage your audience while enhancing your brand. Call us at 866-469-4080 to learn more.