Customer Personas. A personalized sketch of your audience.

The human brain is always passively listening for relevant information. That’s why we notice our name being said in a loud, crowded room. What is important to us cuts through, even when we aren’t paying attention. So, the key to standing out from other marketing background noise is to provide relevant and specific information. While it’s impossible to call out every potential customer’s name, you can come close by creating customer personas.

A customer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer. By studying, relating to and understanding these personas as real humans, you can tailor your message specifically to the individuals you want to attract. This gives you a better chance of cutting through the noise and getting the attention of potential customers. As marketing strategist Ardath Albee puts it, “A marketing persona is a sketch of your audience.” For marketing purposes, you need personas to deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience.

The prospect of collecting necessary data and creating customer personas can seem intimidating. Where do you start? How do you know who you’re looking for? What information do you include? Big can help. We use site analytics, focus groups, informal interviews, social media listening and primary research to detect and categorize this information. We then build on-target customer personas that sharpen marketing messages, provide specificity, cut through the noise, and ultimately, drive sales.

Think customer personas. Think Big.