IFH Group : Rebrand

Fueling the Future

IFH Group has spent 75 years building fuel, hydraulic and surge tanks for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Following strategic organizational changes and a more focused mission to grow sales, the IFH team felt it was time to update their brand. The Brand Innovation Group was ready to make that happen.

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At BIG, the first step of brand-building is learning what’s true, unique and relevant about the client. To do that for IFH, we used our research-based approach to determine what makes the company stand out from the competition based on information from employees, customers—and even the competition themselves. This process revealed the brand’s most important attributes to be IFH Group’s tank expertise, product reliability and focus on teamwork.


Once we identified IFH Group’s core brand attributes, we got started on messaging that thoroughly expanded upon each one. Our team also began creating an updated visual palette inspired by these attributes. This way, every aspect of the company’s new brand would be deeply rooted in research. The result was an effective logo and a meaningful tagline, “Trust in Every Tank.”


By collaborating with the IFH team at multiple stages of their brand’s development, we delivered a strong solution. Then, we applied that to their website, an overview video, a brand continuity guide, social media templates, ads, team gear and environmental graphics. We’re also in the process of helping with their long-term marketing plan and sales strategy. Now, the IFH team has a powerful brand to match their powerful business. 

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Our team appreciates BIG for their helpful insight and creativity. Their thorough process is impressive, and we’re happy with the outcome.

Pete Marchiorato, Vice President of Sales and Marketing