Setting the Standard

A strategic brand standards guide builds credibility and allows continuity.

Aside from conveying a sense of polish and professionalism, a strong set of brand standards can help your company capture and retain customers. It helps you stand out from the crowd – every time, again and again, no matter how crowded the playing field. In the same way party guests cross a room when they see a familiar face, a clear and consistent brand identity generates long-term loyalty.

At Big, branding is what we do. But we approach brand standards guides in a unique way. To help you gain trust and credibility, we encourage consistency. But we don’t believe in static brand standards guides – rigid rules that have no give. Instead, we see brands as living, evolving entities that can move and shift depending on the target audience and campaign goals.

Like most firms, our branding projects consider every aspect of your company’s communication – your logo, tagline, color palette, typeface, messaging and more. Some call this a “standards guide.” But instead of locking a brand into a rigid identity, we create tools that embrace your brand’s inevitable evolution. The result is a Continuity Guide.