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Made the sale? Congrats! Now keep the convo going.

We talk a lot about the customer experience. So do our customers. But sometimes we find that they define it a bit more narrowly than we do. Yes, the customer experience includes all the things that LEAD UP to someone purchasing your product or service. But it’s also all the things they do AFTER the sale.

Do they smile when they open the package? Do they post about the product or service on social media? Do they recommend it to a friend? Do they turn to your product or service the next time they’re facing a similar need?

The reality is, the most pivotal moments of “the customer experience” don’t happen at the point of sale. The most valuable engagement happens long before the sale—and long after.

In our business, we find that companies understand the importance of branding and messaging in the “before.” But they fall short on delivering that robust branding and messaging in the “after.” And in the quest to build an ongoing customer relationship, delivery and packaging is an often-overlooked opportunity.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of brands taking advantage of this opportunity by engaging customers with unexpectedly friendly, on-brand packaging and product support. Many of these brands use a “direct to consumer” sales channel, so it makes sense that a postal box is their moment to shine.

But no matter how your product goes to market, there’s a lesson to be learned: Customers love it when their favorite brands make them laugh or smile. They want to feel special. And they appreciate your brand when you show them that their purchase is appreciated.

And when you can do that—on brand, in the right moment, in an unexpected way—those customers will reward you with “likes,” “shares,” rave reviews and repeat purchases. Which means your branding spend makes a bigger impact when you speak directly to those who have ALREADY handed over their money—instead of casting a wide net in an attempt to catch those still sitting on the fence.

And at Big, we can help you turn first-time customers into fervent fans.

What does it look like to keep talking after the sale? Here are some examples. We can’t take credit for most of these. But we love what they have to say—and we’d love to help you do the same.

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For branding that fits the “Before” and the “After,” it’s time to Think Big.

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